RAM® Tough-Pole™ Camera Mount with Double Pipe & RAM® Track-Node™ Base

2.049 kr

The RAM Track-Node is a ratcheting, highly adjustable track base designed to accommodate both fishing rod holders and the RAM Tough-Pole action camera mount. This kit includes the RAM Track-Node base, short double socket arm, two 18″ RAM Tough-Pole extensions, and universal action camera adapter. To allow for side-to-side movement on the track, a friction washer is included so the RAM Track-Node base can be pivoted with little force. With a quick twist of the knob, easily swing the RAM Tough-Pole in and out of your vessel. To install, simply slide the RAM Track-Node base into your track mount system thanks to the connected T-Bolt and turn the circular knob to tighten in place. Loosen the circular knob for 360-degree rotation. The RAM Track-Node is compatible with all versions of the RAM Tough-Track and most third-party track mount systems. Any action camera with a two-pronged attachment including GoPro is compatible with the universal action camera adapter.

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