RAM® Tilt-N-Turn™ 45-Degree Bracket with Single Swing Arm

1.589 kr

The RAM-VB-TNT45-1, Tilt-N-Turn 45 degree motion attachment swing arm, consists of a steel plate on a single swing arm that has a tilt range of 45 degrees forward and back from the vertical position. The small range of tilt is designed to angle a connected RAM laptop cradle forward giving you a comfortable typing and viewing angle. The Tilt-N-Turn plate can spin in 360 degrees around on the swing arm end, and with a twist of the side lock knob, the attachment will tilt forward and back. Knowing that this product has countless applications, numerous hole patterns are built right in making the Tilt-N-Turn exceptionally versatile. The AMPS, 90 degree AMPS, 75 x 75MM VESA, 2″ x 4″, and RAM’s own three hole at 120 degrees take the guess work out of whether this product will work for you. Whether you have and existing RAM system and want to integrate this product, or simply need the best mounting system available, consider RAM and yet another ergonomic product; this time with the Tilt-and-Turn feature.

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