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The RAM-VP-SW1-4-2461 consists of a 4″ upper male Tele-Pole, double swing arm and 3.625″ square base that contains the VESA hole pattern. The Tele-Pole can be easily adjusted by turning the knob at the top of the post. Once the knob has been tightened, the Tele-Pole becomes a rigid support for connecting devices or cradles. The Tele-Pole will connect to any RAM vehicle base with a welded female Tele-Pole. The double swing arm with rotating plate, allows you to twist and tilt the viewing angle of your connected electronic device, when mounted on your RAM Vehicle Mount. The rotating swivel arm gives you even more viewing positions for your mounted electronic device while holding everything firmly in place. The length of the double swing arm is 12″. The 3.625″ square base includes a 75mm X 75mm VESA hole pattern with 1.5″ rubber ball positioned 0.88″ from the center of one edge.

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